Coventry Diagnostics is one of the world’s leading research and development centers for bio-fluid based diagnostic technologies. From this secure position, the company is focused on expanding the acceptance of biofluid-based testing and its revolutionary applications...creating significant investment opportunities.

With supplemental and predictive diagnostics representing a significant commercial opportunity, Tthe Coventry team has commited the necessary resources for the development of cutting edge biomedical products and intellectual property. An estimated 30% of all capital raised by Coventry will be used to fund its aggressive R&D efforts.


Publications, patents and presentations.  
Coventry's strength lies in the commitment and skill of its local employees and the international reach of its ownership.

In addition to the United States, our shareholders come from Singapore, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland and Canada and, because they come from diverse backgrounds in investment banking, hedge funds and venture capital, the range of contacts and opportunities is endless.
Thom McCormick, President

CEO, Thomas L. McCormick manages Coventry’s operations. He has over 20 years of experience managing companies in various industries and brings considerable knowledge in support of sales, acquisitions, and marketing.


Coventry Diagnostics LLC
1197 Rochester Rd.
Suite K
Troy, MI 48083

Main: 248.307.1168
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