Help Build A Subsidiary!

Coventry’s Research and Development has already spawned its first subsidiary, Western Slope Laboratory.

This subsidiary currently delivers an extensive list of compounds and their metabolites, related drugs of abuse, prescription drugs, steroids, human lead toxicity, heavy metals in the environment, and cancer treatment sensitivity services to distributors, partners, and end-users throughout the country.

Two additional subsidiaries will be launched in the near future as their R&D reaches completion. Contact us if you are interested in participating in these or any other Coventry subsidiaries.

  • The first major product of the cancer subsidiary will be an inexpensive test for a cancer patient’s ability to metabolize 5FU. 9% of all GI tract patients, and some breast cancer patients, cannot metabolize this powerful but expensive drug—causing significant health risks and/or death. Current tests cost $18,000 each. Coventry’s target test price will approximate $1,500.
  • Our lead testing subsidiary will expand on our current lead toxicity services and will be spun off shortly as a separate subsidiary.
Western Slope Laboratory
Delivers products and services for:
Drugs of abuse and alcohol, some ethical drugs, human lead toxicity, environmental heavy metals, meconium, and cancer treatment sensitivity.
Lead Toxicity Subsidiary
Developed the capability to detect lead in saliva – an impressive correlation to that of blood lead. This capability has profound implications for the worldwide testing of humans for lead toxicity.
Cancer Subsidiary
Delivers products and services for:
Early detection of common cancers and the
evaluation of many oncology treatments.

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